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Semantic Typography: Bridging the XHTML gap

Dec. 1, 05 • X-Nation0 comments

Semantic Typography: Bridging the XHTML gap makes some great points about how easy it is to create semantic markup. The author is even kind enough to use visualizations for what he is describing that helps to really solidify what he's talking about. An excellent read for anyone new to web-standards or just looking for ways to improve.

via the always one step ahead CSSBeauty

XHTML Templates: Quick Start Your Design

Jul. 14, 05 • X-Nation0 comments

Particletree's Quick Start Your Design with XHTML Templates are all over the place right now, but the old pile would be remiss not to list it.

Improving an XML feed display through CSS and XSLT

Jun. 9, 05 • X-Nation0 comments

An Introduction to Client-Side XSLT

Nov. 18, 04 • X-Nation0 comments

Best. XSLT Introduction. Ever. The content at digital web is really kicking into high gear lately and An Introduction to Client-Side XSLT is no exception.

I second the motion to give the folks that put digital web together more credit.

XSLT Questions and Answers.

Mar. 3, 04 • X-Nation0 comments

An index of information regarding XLST is available at dpawson.co.uk. Easy to read with plenty of examples helps make this an excellent XLST resource. Be sure and hop back a directory to the XSL FAQ and browse the rest of the site for even more information, including the page on XSLT terminology.

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